Monday, July 17, 2006

Anyone know this lady? - m4w - 40

Anyone know this lady? - m4w - 40
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Date: 2006-07-17, 9:08AM EDT

I saw this lady in Freeport at Water Lilly's Saturday night. The guy she's with is a total possessive, jealous control freak. If you recognize her, please tell me about her. I have to take her away from him.

Re: Anyone know this lady? - m4w - 40

That's my girl, asshole.
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First, I think you're a liar. If you're the possessive control freak that was with her, you know what I look like. So describe me.
Second, you don't own people, loser.
Third, she's not your girl. If she was she wouldn't be flirting with so many guys.
Fourth, no rings on her finger.
Fifth, you're a pretty insecure guy putting a strnglehold on her like that. Anytime you want to try that with a man you can start with me wuss.


mechanical said...

....entirely creepy that he was taking pictures of them, though.

Richard said...

Hey! That's *my* girl, Asshole! :)

Brunocerous said...

these are all genius!