Tuesday, June 13, 2006

L Train To Brooklyn - 1 a.m. - m4w

L Train To Brooklyn - 1 a.m. - m4w
Reply-to: pers-170979188@craigslist.org

Date: 2006-06-13, 8:21AM EDT

You and I are in different worlds, and I'm sure to you I was nonexistent. But I was so captivated by the thick, brown hair framing your angelic face, and your sweet demeanor that I couldn't take my eyes off you. You were wearing overalls and a yellow-gold top with green stripes on the sleeves.

There was a small stud in the left side of your nose and an adorable dimple in your chin. Your were reading The Fountainhead. When the homeless man came by you gave him a bag, food I assume, and a dollar, and you blushed. I was sorry you exited at Bedford: I wanted to enjoy your beauty a little longer.
Re: L Train To Brooklyn - 1 a.m. - m4w

That's my girlfriend, asshole.

Re: Re: L Train To Brooklyn - 1 a.m. - m4w
From: pers-171150385@craigslist.org

So I made an innocent, non-threatening, rather complimentary post about a lovely lady I saw on the train this morning - nothing rude, nothing obscene, not even a suggestion that I wanted any contact. What I receive today is a nasty response from someone named ****** calling me an asshole and claiming that the woman I complimented is his/her girlfriend.

And? How sad that you're so pathetically insecure. Oh, it's *****'s girl - no looking! Does she know that you're cruising CL, trolling for what? She appears to have too much class for a loser like you, and probably won't tolerate you much longer. Grow up.

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