Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hottie in the red sedan - m4w - 21 (495)

Hottie in the red sedan - m4w - 21 (495)
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Date: 2009-02-10, 7:13PM EST

I was rockin out to Sweet Child of Mine at around 10:45 when I noticed you rockin out as well next to me. I was in a red Tacoma pickup truck and you were in a red sedan but didn't catch the make or model. Not sure but I think your license plate might be "1ST GEM" or something like that. Well if this finds you then shoot me an email.
Re: Hottie in the red sedan - m4w - 21 (495)

That's my girlfriend, asshole.
Re: Re: Hottie in the red sedan - m4w - 21 (495)

Pull the stick out of your ass fucker. First of all I seriously doubt that that was your girl cause punks like you don't get girls like that. If it was your girl then take it as a compliment knowing that you have a hot girlfriend. And second...why are you looking at the m4w section anyways? You gay? I bet the only reason you clicked on my add is cause you saw "pic" and thought you would get to see my dick. How bout you send your girlfriend over here and i'll let her describe it to you...

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